Today's digitalMASS boldly states that the NBC buyback of NBCi is part of a trend. It's a healthy trend too - since these shouldn't have been separate companies in the first place. You can't blame NBC (and Disney and Viacom), though, for trying to cash in on the markets.

Today's digitalMASS also has a lightweight but hype-free article on wireless. The following particularly caught my attention because of it's blatent obviousness:

"...the key to success is to make [wireless] natural extension of an organization's business strategy and e-business infrastructure."
Steve Mills of IBM

Um, all technology should be treated as a natural extension of an organization's business strategy. Actually, an e-business infrastructure is no more than an extension of business strategy. You'll be able to tell that we've moved past this "New Economy" when you see a Fortune 500 company utilizing the internet throughout the organization yet have no internet division or business line.