Think about it - Ironminds: The Cloudmakers Phenomenon:
"I have indeed thought about the fact that this is an elaborate ad campaign. But no ad campaign has ever provided me with as much entertainment as this one has. Finding these Web sites and unraveling this mystery is a little bit like finding a secret decoder ring in your cereal box. Of course, that decoder ring was a marketing gimmick. Demographers hoped that you’d beg and plead Mommy to buy you the box if they put a secret decoder ring inside. A cynic regards this exchange as a kind of deceit: Cultural brainwashing of the direst bourgeois sort. I see it as value adding. That box of cereal is a better box of cereal because THAT box has a secret decoder ring in it. And now 1,500 of us are sharing secret messages with it. Pardon my trout, but wouldn’t you like to know what we’re saying?"