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Peter Drucker, you're my hero

This month's issue of Business 2.0 has an excellent interview with Peter Drucker. My favorite quote:
"...no financial man will ever understand business because financial people think a company makes money. A company makes shoes, and no financial man understands that. They think money is real. Shoes are real. Money is an end result. What is a business? The only function of a business is to create customer [value] and to innovate."

Using money as the principal metric to determine the direction of a business is like using an SAT scores as the primary determinant for entering college.

I also wish more consultants shared his sense of purpose:

What do you want to be remembered for?:
That I helped a few people accomplish their goals
Posted by Dick on Oct 01, 2001 @ 04:39 PM

Who is Peter Drucker?
Could you send me more details about him?



Posted by rouillac at November 4, 2002 12:05 PM

JB my man

u need some serious reading! Drucker is the GOD of management!


Posted by viv khemka at September 20, 2003 03:27 AM

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